What's in a name?

Schwartz brothers

The original Schwartz brothers founded the company over 100 years ago.

A lot, if you're Schwartz Boiler Shop. The first time the Schwartz family put their name on the business was over 100 years ago when three brothers formed Schwartz Brothers & Company Boiler Works in Cheboygan, Michigan. They manufactured large boilers for heating and energy, snow rollers, metal bridges, tanks, fire escapes, and smoke stacks. They also owned the patent on a horse-drawn snow plow called the Brazel.

Cheboygan smoke stack in 1928

The Schwartz Brothers and Company were working on this smoke stack in 1928. Look closely and you'll see Amiel Schwartz on top of the stack.

The brothers were known for their service and ingenuity. The Brazel was considered the "undisputed best plow in the industry" selling across the Northern states from Michigan to Northern California and into Canada. Over time, as the automobile became prevalent, the horse powered plow was replaced by snowplow trucks and the Schwartz bothers concentrated on boilers and metal fabrication.

The Brazel snow plow.

This is the Brazel snow plow.

In 1942, one of the brothers, Amiel, and his son Arthur, constructed a new shop on Pine Hill Road where the business still resides to this day. The focus was on ship boiler repair and Schwartz catered to Great Lakes freighters and ferry boats. Arthur continued to run the business for 31 years.

Boiler ready for transport.

Great Uncle Charlie in front of boiler ready for transport.

We incorporated in 1981. Roger Schwartz, Arthur's son, and the third generation involved in the boiler business, headed the company. He carefully expanded to include a wide range of specialty services his customers needed. Over the years, these customers have come to rely on what is now called Schwartz Boiler Shop, Inc. to provide dozens of unique services all over the Great Lakes region. We still specialize in high-quality services supporting Great Lakes shipping with boiler repair, but also provide complete topside repair and ship alteration services. In addition, we are involved in industrial plant maintenance, gas and oil production facilities, National Board code welding work, and crane and forklift rental serving the construction and industrial sectors.

Old snow roller.

The snow roller used to pack the snow down making it easier for sleds to pass.

Most recently, a new, state-of-the-art blasting and painting facility was opened at the Pine Hill location—Schwartz Blast and Paint. (That end of Pine Hill has been renamed LaHaie Road, but the Schwartz business remains to this day where it was re-located in 1942.) This new building houses a 60' long industrial steel grit blast and paint booth. Targeting industrial trucking fleets, heavy equipment, LP gas tank, and military contracts, we can take anything that rusts, or needs to be cleaned, and make it look like new again.

We have changed with the times, but our commitment to customer satisfaction has never been stronger. Schwartz Boiler Shop, and now along with Schwartz Blast and Paint, will continue to provide the kind of dependable, highly-skilled services that have made it an icon throughout the region. As we move through this next century, you can count on the Schwartz team to stand behind our services with the same commitment the original Schwartz brothers had to their customers in 1902—we stake our name and our reputation on every job we tackle!

Roger A. Schwartz

President Roger A. Schwartz, with the same hands-on commitment to the business like his father and grandfather.

Through training, experience, enhanced skills, certifications, and solid, reliable service, Schwartz is a name recognized as being synonymous with quality workmanship in all our unique arenas of expertise. Not just boilers anymore!

Dependable. Knowledgeable. Experienced. Schwartz!

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