Installing stiff leg on drum of a boiler.

Installing temporary stiff leg on top drum of "A" type boiler.

Boiler Repair

For 105 years, we've been providing boiler repair and maintenance services. As you know, your boiler is the heart of your facility and requires experienced, highly skilled technicians to handle any work. If you want it done right, with maximum safety levels by people who know what they're doing, then you want Schwartz on the job. We'll take care of:

To ensure your work is done as efficiently as possible, Schwartz also keeps a large parts inventory including: hand hole plates and gaskets, man hole plates and gaskets, boiler tubes, copper and steel ferrules, safety valves, and much more. If by chance we don't have it in stock, we know where to get it as quickly as possible.

Commercial & Military Ship Repair

Steamship Alpena.

Complete re-tube of steamship Alpena.

Schwartz can help you with almost every facet of your ship repair and maintenance. We've been working on the big boats for 80 years including: US Coast Guard Cutters Mackinaw, Biscayne Bay, Katami Bay, Buckthorn, Neah Bay, and Acacia ◊ Great Lakes Fleet—US Steel ◊ Interlake Steamship ◊ Lake Michigan Car Ferry ◊ Inland Lakes Management—Lafarge Cement ◊ Hannah Marine ◊ Durocher Marine ◊ Ryba Marine ◊ Lower Lakes Transportation ◊ And ferry fleets including Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry, Starline Ferry Service, and Arnold Line Ferry. Keep your ship in top repair and reduce costly unscheduled downtime. Let our in-transit repair team help you with:

Plant Maintenance

Plant maintenance at Weyerhaeuser Company in Grayling, Michigan.

Removing and replacing a 200 hp electric motor at Weyerhaeuser plant in Grayling, Michigan.

When you shut down your plant for scheduled maintenance, or perform maintenance while still operational, you might be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day on lost or slowed production. You can't be working with a crew that will hinder you or get in your way. At Schwartz, we’ve been engineering successful and well-managed plant shutdowns and maintenance projects for over 40 years. We understand how to work synergistically with dozens of other contractors all striving towards the same goal—getting the job completed and getting you back up and fully operational on schedule. For hundreds of projects, Schwartz has been the first choice in scheduled plant shutdowns and maintenance in Michigan. Services include:

Gas & Oil Facility Work

Michigan Pipeline Processing’s Antrim plant.

Natural gas refinery reboiler and still at Michigan Pipeline Processing's Antrim plant.

Gas and oil facilities are unique and require specialized skills for any contractor working on them. The Schwartz team has the expertise you'll come to rely on for your repair and maintenance needs. We specialize in:

Welding & Machine Shop Services

Custom yard arm.

One of Schwartz’s custom yard arms for a residence.

Looking for custom fabrication for heavy equipment, machinery alterations, or structural steel erection? The team at Schwartz can transfer your idea into a real solution. We offer general welding and repair services in addition to National Board "R" Stamp Authority and Section IX ASME welding procedures. We are experienced with carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, hard surfacing, copper nickel, and many other alloys. Portable welding rigs are available for on-site services. For residential and building contractors, we offer a very large selection of ornamental steel railings, as well as custom flagpoles and yardarms (steel, aluminum, and fiberglass), and can install railings and flagpoles at your location.

Welding repairs on the George A. Sloan.

Welding repairs to main ballast tank piping on the motor vessel George A. Sloan.

Need custom machine shop work performed? Schwartz can accommodate many of your needs with our expertise in operations including boring, threading, cutting, keyways, fly cutting, and much more. Our equipment includes a lathe with a 23" swing and three-jaw and four-jaw chucks; Bridgeport mill; and radial drill.

Serving a wide customer base composed of manufacturing, construction, quarry, and aggregate firms, commercial, and even residential customers, we offer you the best in welding and custom machine shop services.

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